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Communication is one of the most important parts of human life. Communicating with each other and passing information and understanding each other are of vital importance if you are to survive in a modern society. Methods of communication, verbal and non-verbal have come a long way since the time we communicated for simple needs like hunger and illness. Today, we communicate for pleasure, for business, for information and for help. It is easy, affordable and available 24/7. There is little restriction on its use. It is because of the advances in communication and information that many resulting products and services have become common household names. Devices like laptop, PDA, mobile telephone, and IPAD and services like Facebook, GPS, map locating would not be as advanced today if it had not been for the Internet. Since Alexander Graham Bell the methods of communication technology has developed at an alarming rate. Graham Bell discovered not only the telephone, but the base for all modern communication methods. Today we can pick up a telephone and call any one around the world. We have the internet, satellite communication and so many other ways that we can communicate at any time. I believe the Internet and satellite... Creating A Worldwide Audience With YouTube
The explosion of the internet has led the current era to be dubbed “The information age;” one of the defining factors of this age is not just the ubiquity of information, but the ease with which average people can generate it. Nowhere is this more evident than on Youtube, the video sharing website that started in 2005. Youtube has allowed musicians, comedians, and even politicians to share themselves to a worldwide audience, forever altering the nature of online content, and by extension, communication technology. Youtube, fueled by the desire of users to become noticed, is a perfect launching pad for amateurs in various fields. The nature of the website allows people to provide feedback after watching a video and share it with their friends if they like it, so beginners can learn what works and what doesn’t, eventually honing their skills to gain the largest audience. One thing the multitude of Youtube success stories have in common is that the person started making videos just talking to their webcam and doing whatever they wanted. Eventually, people find the video and like it or even favorite it; as the video gets more exposure, so does the Youtube user, and for some, this escalates into internet stardom. Justin Bieber,... Gregorio Galicot: The Arrival Of The iPhone And Droid Smartphones
The technological world is constantly changing, and the rate of advancement in communications and information technologies has accelerated tremendously over the last decade. This has created inflection points and new opportunities across almost every aspect of global trade, communications, and social interactions. Selecting a single breakthrough development as the most significant advancement of the last ten years is no easy task. However, when analyzed against the multiple criteria of economic improvement, social connectivity, and individual empowerment, only one advancement seems to stand above all others: the simple yet powerful mobile phone. The mobile (or cellular/cell) phone is not a new invention. The first introduction of a wirelessly connected phone was in 1973, and commercially available models have been available since 1983. However, early adoption was relatively slow, and the usability of the early devices was limited to voice and SMS (short messenging service) text messages. This all began to change at the beginning of the last decade, as cell phones saw a rapid expansion in both the number of users and the breadth of functionality. These two occurrences—the exploding growth of users, and the power of the... Online Social Networking
When thinking of the greatest advancement in information and communications technology in the last 10 years, one would be hard pressed not to think of the advancement mobile phones have made in their capabilities to transmit more than just a grainy phone call. Communications technology has come to a point that users are able to send rapid text messages, music, documents, e-mails and even communicate face to face thanks to the advancements in mobile devices. Some of the candidates to be discussed for the greatest advancement in information and communications technology are Twitter, Facebook and social networks in general, SMS text and the online streaming and downloading of media. The winner of the candidates will be discussed near the conclusion of this essay and reasoning will be given to justify the choice. With so many advancements which have occurred in the past decade, it will be difficult to determine a winner, but every effort will be made to provide reasonable justifications as to the choice. The first candidate to be examined is the advancement made in social networking sites, more specifically those of Facebook and Twitter. Online social networks are websites whose function it is to connect one... The Power Of Coveted Media Outlets
The last decade has seen a staggering influx in technological advancements within the “information age” that we currently dwell in. From the growing abilities of cellular devices and computer consoles to the amazing capabilities of instant messaging and peer-to-peer software such as Skype or ooVoo, we can see an indelible change in human relations has been made through technology. Though these changes have been quite sophisticated in many cases, the most influential and globally expansive advancement has come in the simplest of forms, in my opinion, through video sharing and hosting. The rise of these video hosting services has captivated the world on more levels than any one could have ever imagined. The power of coveted websites such as Youtube, Vimeo, Crackle, Dailymotion and Hulu (to name a few) lies in their ability to synthesize other media outlets and networks, utilize and incorporate other technological devices within their spheres and promote cultural communications on a global level. Media maneuvering and social networking has become one of the most powerful tools in modern society in the past 10 years. Politicians, entertainers and all those in between have reached out to those lines of communication to... Global Telecommunications Companies Thrive
The widespread use and increasing speed of broadband networks in the past decade have proven very beneficial to global economic, social, and environmental development. The application of these networks to mobile technology has also furthered these benefits. The competition amongst broadband and mobile companies for faster speeds and more capabilities has created a huge market for internet and telephone companies around the world. The development of these networks has also proven beneficial to developing countries where the use of cellular mobile phone lines is far surpassing that of fixed phone lines. Furthermore, increased broadband speeds could result in more efficient use require less energy, putting less stress on the environment. Continued use and development of these technologies could harvest greater international connections, help bring developing countries up to par with the developed world, and deter environmental harm caused by the human population. The growing popularity of mobile and broadband networks in the past ten years has reduced network performance at the busiest times of day. These high traffic rates have required operators to invest in network capacity to generate faster speeds and greater levels... Quickening The Pace Of Technological Communication
From the leaders who guide our society to the people with which we associate ourselves on a daily basis, we are easily convinced that it is necessary to make things “better,” “faster,” “more efficient,” “easier,” or “accessible.” Collectively, we consider these words to be the muse which inspires us to make society and the people within it meet the incredibly high standards that those words pose, making it so that over the years, the society in which we live in continues to prosper in its technological advancements, and in turn, continuing to contribute to the inevitable social ideal of “progressivism.” But out of all the aspects of this life that we persistently aspire to “fix” or “improve,” I believe that the greatest advancement in the information and communications technology industry over the past ten years has been the use of social media. The word “greatest,” of course, has many positive connotations, to the extent to which it can be easily substituted with synonyms like best and supreme. But I believe it is important to note that the word “greatest” can also refer to words like most and maximum, words that refer to quantity rather than quality. That is why, when asked, “what is the ‘greatest’ advancement’” in... The Tempest Known As Youtube
One evening, I and my family were sitting around the dinner table each lamenting the various ways our technology had gone on strike that day. My mother lamented the number of calls dropped while my father worked on troubleshooting our computer-television hook-up. My sister expressed her annoyance with the tempermentality of her own computer and its refusal to load a particular game properly. I, the family technophobe, zipped my lip about the number of times I had to ask for help turning on a computer or answering my father’s needlessly complicated, slide-screen phone. We laughed about the number of times my father pocket-dialed us, resulting in long, garbled voice-messages comprised of road noise, or snatches of conversation to others. Finally my father says, “Do you know, that when I was in school, I wrote most of my papers on a typewriter?” My mother, a former journalist, nodded in agreement. “I remember writing my articles on a VDT and losing everything when it would crash,” she added. As the conversation made its way through the ages, I was struck by how fast everything has developed over the last decade, apparently right under our collective noses. Cell phones have all but replaced the landline, and seemingly... Accellerated Information Technologies With E-Mailing
Over the past decade, countless technological advances have occurred. The reliance upon social networking, telecommunication networks, and social media has become so powerful that the matter of visualizing our existence without computerized functions is incredibly complicated to assemble, when our lives are constantly being updated through the lasted news posted on the web. In 1957, IBM introduced the original personal computer called IBM-610 Auto point, or abbreviated PAC for short. Being that the period of time taken to produce items were slower, only 180 units were produced, and consequentially, the items were considered to be luxurious, and primarily owned by the wealthy. Nowadays, computers are a portion of a craze that remains in most everyone's lives. Although cell phones contain similar mechanisms in a smaller package, computers were the original deal, and regarding the use of computer applications, storage ability, and communication, cell phones, and rather, phones in general are the updated version: mini computers. A person can even debate that computers are also becoming more convenient by the invention of the laptop in 1981 by Adam Osborne, and the early ideas of a similar design called "clam shells," by William... The Worlds Communication Conduit
Humanity has become continually more reliant on communication for our very survival. Technology has simplified marketing, international negotiations, and even matchmaking. So many innovations have made the world more manageable in the mind of the common man. As consumers, we appreciate convenience. And what is the most convenient method of procuring goods in the modern age? The Internet. Online shopping has spiked dramatically over the past five years, with everything from kitchen appliances to weapons to music. The online marketplace is a very viable source of revenue for those companies choosing to utilize such a widespread and readily available method of advertising and selling their wares, particularly when online specials are offered. Who wouldn’t want to receive a discount for staying at home and shopping? Who wouldn’t enjoy the ability to track the precise location of one’s purchase anywhere in the world? Businesses across the globe have been able to expand greatly with new international markets and new suppliers for materials. Online shopping and shipping has made all of this possible. Although international commerce may flow relatively smoothly, international politics can often become quite a rough road. In fact,... Is The Internet The Most Powerful Tool?
“The geniuses at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers publish a wireless metropolitan area network standard that functions like Wi-Fi on steroids. An 802.16 antenna can transmit Internet access up to a 30-mile radius at speeds comparable to DSL and cable broadband. When it all shakes out, 802.16 could end up launching developing nations into the digital age by eliminating the need for wired telecommunications infrastructure” (Popular mechanics). The invention of the most basic form of Internet was brought up in 2002, and ever since, it has drastically changed society’s view on how to be productive for the better. The internet eliminated or reduced the need to meet up with people, experience places, and much more, making easy the average lifestyles of all individuals who have access to the internet. In the business world, communication was conducted through telephones, ink on paper, etc. Paper was used very excessively when the internet did not exist, and its’ excessive use had attacked and damaged the natural environment, using up a very useful natural resource which, at the time, was very hard to renew and recycle due to lack of advanced technology. Also, the Internet allowed people to, “get the word out” much... The Influence Of Facebook
All anyone would know of the generation that I grew up in would be that of constant change and advancement. One finally receives the newest, most state of the art devices in phone or Apple product and comes to discover that the next best thing comes out only days later. To pick one most outstanding achievement from the information and communications technology industry is a most harrowing task, but also one that appears most obvious after some considerable thought. The greatest advancement in the past ten years, as it pertains to the information and technology industry, is that of Facebook. The very first most important point is the way that Facebook has become something that almost everyone knows of. When doing research for this essay, I found myself on the New York Time’s website, in which a whole topic is devoted solely to Facebook. In fact, in the past week, eight articles have been posted that either mention Facebook or are entirely about Facebook. Though this is culture and society, it is important to note that these both have important influences on a people’s information and technology industry. Facebook has become something that everyone is part of and that everyone can share and spread news and ideas on. Another... Interacting With Social Networks
Information and Communication technology occupies much of modern interaction extending from simple IT, telephone, broadcast media, social networking as well as various audio and video processing. In fact technology‘s reign over our modern society has dominated our sources of communication, interaction and acquisition of information. We no longer rely on traditional guest keeping for interaction or long distance telephone calls for communication or community libraries for enhancement of education. Instead, we now possess more accessible technology such as skype and email for communication, social networking websites equivalent to facebook for interaction and resource websites like google for data. Besides the advancement of information and communication technology in interaction, all academic institutions are now emphasizing the engagement of technology on bettering the learning process. The greatest advancements in the information and communication technology industry over the last 10 years is its enhancement in teaching style and concept acquisition as well as its demanding role in group decision making and social interaction. In the past decade, information and communication technology has had a significant role in...

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